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Wooden Cabin

Cabin Winterization Guarantee & Disclaimer


Winterization/Dewinterization: The sole purpose of a winterization is to prevent damage from freezing pipes. The winterization system is a system shut down only and it does not involve testing the plumbing system for existing damage or leaks. The winterization process does not protect pipes, fittings, equipment etc. from being adversely affected by an unconditioned environment during the winter months. This procedure is not a guarantee or warranty of any kind with respect to the HVAC, plumbing, or any other mechanical systems at this property. The property that has been winterized must be dewinterized by the SAME professionals that winterized the property. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to be covered by this agreement, all Winterization Agreement customers are required to have a main shut-off valve for their home and a clearly marked breaker to cut power to the well and water heater.

  2. Laney's Mechanical will cover any product, material or equipment that was damaged due to the technician's negligence and improper winterization. Laney's requests to dewinterize a home to be sure there aren't any possible damages as a result of a faulty winterization. The homeowner is responsible for any damages if he/she turns the water on in the spring. 

  3. The homeowner is responsible to notify us of any unusual operation conditions of the equipment. 

  4. Laney's Mechanical requires that they perform the maintenance or repairs on any damaged equipment covered under his agreement that resulted from the negligence of the Laney's Mechanical technician that performed the original service. 

Billing Rates

  1. Laney's Mechanical is committed to providing the absolute, most thorough, efficient service available. Rates for the winterization/dewinterization service provided will be based on a technician's time and material required for the winterization/dewinterization process. The current labor rate is $115/hour. Time includes travel time to and from the customer's location from our shop. (Rates may change annually to reflect current costs and warranty.) As a result, time spent at property during the winterization/dewinterization service may differ from years past. Rates will be based on technician's current time spent on service and billed accordingly. 

  2. No service will be rendered if the customer has a past-due account with Laney's Mechanical.

Scheduling Your Winterization/DeWinterization

  1. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to notify Laney's Mechanical of their desired dates for service by calling our office for the nearest available scheduled service opening.

  2. It is recommended that you schedule your winterization/dewinterization at least 2 weeks to 3 weeks in advance to your desired date in order to improve your chances of our availability. 

  3. Under this agreement, Laney's Mechanical will provide a qualified technician to complete the winterization/dewinterization procedure during the normal business hours; Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. 

  4. Should the homeowner fail to make these arrangements for winterization prior to extreme weather conditions, he or she will be solely be responsible for any damages that may result from freezing or thawing temperatures. 

  5. If you cannot make a previously scheduled appointment, a 48-hour notice is appreciated. 

  6. If our technician is unable to access your home for a scheduled appointment, a minimum of a $55.00 "no-show" fee will be charged, depending on travel time.

  7. Winterization/Dewinterization scheduled services will be confirmed upon receiving this signed agreement. 

Description of Services

Winterization Services Included

As a part of the winterization service, Laney's will provide a qualified technician to perform the following: 

  • Shut off the main water service underground.

  • Shut off the well pump - when applicable.

  • Drain the water system.

  • Clear piping water to the best of our ability using compressed air.

  • Treat traps and toilets with antifreeze.

  • Clear solenoid valves at dishwasher, icemaker and clothes washer.

  • Treat dishwasher with antifreeze.

  • Treat clothes washer with antifreeze.

  • Treat all known p-traps with antifreeze.

DeWinterization Services Included

As part of the dewinterization service, Laney's will provide a qualified technician to perform the following:

  • Turn water back on to home and inspect for issues. 

  • Low points, boiler drains and any other openings will be closed. 

  • Fixtures and pipes will be tested for proper water flow and pressure. 

  • Complete an audio-visual inspection of plumbing system and fixtures within the home. 

  • Antifreeze will be cleaned out of all plumbing and filled with fresh water.

  • Technicians will at that time detail any recommendations on repairs or improvements. 

  • The homeowner will be contacted to confirm the property is operation properly.

Equipment coverage limitations

  1. When exposing the normally wet or submerged plumbing in your home to dry, cold air over the winter months, parts and pieces can and will dry out, crack, and/or shrink. Particularly vulnerable parts and pieces include, but are not limited to cartridges, O-rings, washers, gaskets, and faucets. This damage is considered normal wear and tear, and therefore is not covered or guaranteed under this agreement. 

  2. Although we winterize and dewinterize the water supply lines to the washing machine, icemaker, and dishwasher, Laney's Mechanical will not guarantee these items.

  3. Laney's Mechanical cannot cover or be held liable for the following under this agreement: Submersible well pumps or underground piping, well lines prior to shallow well pump. irrigation systems, appliances, heating systems and water distribution systems not being properly winterized. Also, manufacturers of water conditioning equipment such as iron filters, reverse osmosis, and water softeners do not recommend their equipment to be winterized. Du to his and the inability for us to properly winterize this type of equipment, his equipment will not be covered under this agreement. We will evacuate water out of them to the best of our ability but cannot guarantee complete water removal. It is recommended they be removed and stored in a warm climate area. (We would be willing to disconnect units after winterization for the homeowner to transport them if desired.)

  4. Laney's Mechanical will not be responsible for rapped, looped, low hanging, back-graded piping of any kind. We will winterize with compressed air to the best of our ability but piping isn't always accessible or exposed for visual inspection to properly address the issue. Often times water droplets left remaining can settle at a low point. (It is not possible to get 100% of water evacuated from a system.)

  5. Laney's Mechanical will not be responsible for any water lines or damage from any water lines buried underground which cannot be properly winterized with compressed air. Ex: well line to the house.

  6. Upon dewinterization it is possible that drain valves, low points, filters, stops, etc. (included bu not limited to) may be left open to allow drainage of the system. Laney's will not be responsible for any damage/repairs caused by homeowner starting his/her own system with these items open.

  7. After water pressure builds in a plumbing system, it is possible for leaks to occur even several days after a dewinterization has been completed. Laney's Mechanical will not be held liable for any damage that may occur should a pipe, fixture, etc. leak after we have left the premises.

  8. Any covered products, equipment will be replaced or repaired based on the value of item needing replaced. Value will be prorated assessed by age, condition and quality of product.

  9. Laney's Mechanical will not be responsible for acts of nature or any other cause out of our control.

  10. Laney's Mechanical will not be responsible for work performed or materials provided by individuals or companies other than Laney's Mechanical. 

  11. Laney's Mechanical will not be responsible for repairs to products beyond their useful life, for cosmetic purposes, or to parts no longer available. 

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